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Béllé-Full at Africa@Spitafields


We really enjoyed being a part of this year’s Africa @ Spitafields. We handed out little cups of jollof rice, stewed beef and fried plantain samples, and they were a big hit! We ran out of free samples before the event was over and we had people offering to pay to get more samples which was fantastic!

With such positive reception & feedback, we are looking forward to (hopefully) being a part of the next event, with more samples this time round. 🙂

Africa @ Spitafields is the ultimate yearly African Inspired Pop Up Retail Event returns to Spitalfields. Spitalfields is transformed into a African-inspired shopping experience, celebrating the vibrant and very distinctive culture while showcasing the talents from Africa and the Diaspora.

Here are some more pictures from the event.

Were you in attendance on the day? We’d love to know to know if you got to meet any of the team on the day, and what you thought of the samples! 🙂

Béllé-Full at Africa @ Spitafields
Béllé-Full at Africa @ Spitafields

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