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Belle Full

Brought to you by London’s leading Nigerian catering company Mrs J Foods, we cook fresh from scratch, at our commercial kitchen facilities. We are a registered food business, with the highest 5* food hygiene rating at our last inspection by Environmental Health Officers.

We provide authentic West African meals freshly cooked by hand, by chefs with many years experience catering for major events across the UK. Our meals are delivered fresh-chilled in special insulated boxes that keeps the food chilled like a fridge during transit. This allows us to safely deliver our food to customers anywhere in mainland UK, that’s all of England, Scotland and Wales.

Now you can stock up your fridge and freezer for later so you don’t have to worry about what you or your family will be eating during the week, giving you time to focus on more important things.

Got a friend or family member who is unable to make their own meals (new mum maybe?), or one that deserves a much needed break from the kitchen? Well now you can order one of our meal boxes and have it delivered directly to them. Or you could buy them one of our gift vouchers, a lovely surprise giving them the flexibility to choose what they’d like to order. Having a small get-together? Our entertaining options offers you a stress free alternative to spending hours in the kitchen preparing for your guests.

Béllé-Full pronounced ‘bell-air full” is often used (in West Africa) to describe a state of complete satisfaction after a delicious meal! We think that sums it all up nicely!

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We are an extension of leading Nigerian catering company Mrs J Foods…

Esther Josiah

We are an extension of London’s leading Nigerian catering company Mrs J Foods. Mrs J Foods & Béllé-Full were founded by Esther Josiah, a previous marketing exec who found an unfilled niche in the food industry for a boutique Nigerian & Afro Fusion caterer.

Launched in 2012, Mrs J Foods has quickly become an industry leader catering at some of the most exclusive venues in the UK including The Houses of Parliament & hotels like The Lanesborough, Knightsbridge to mention a few. Mrs J has built a reputation for excellent food and service, and we are looking forward to bringing our wealth of experience directly to your kitchen.

Our freshly prepared meals are packed in BPA-free food pouches, and delivered directly to customers anywhere in mainland UK – England, Scotland & Wales. BPA is the main toxin concern with plastics, and by going BPA-free we have made our packaging safer for food than most plastic containers. The pouches are heat sealed to avoid spillages, and are safe to go directly in the fridge or freezer upon delivery, making storage of our meals easy and convenient. We add no artificial preservatives to our food, and all our meals are carefully dispatched in special insulated boxes that keeps the food in fridge temperatures during transit, thereby maintaining the freshness. Our food boxes are delivered to you using our carefully selected delivery partners with many years experience working with various leading food businesses in the UK. We ensure freshness at every stage, so your food arrives to your door in the best possible quality for you to enjoy!

To find out more about our service please visit our FAQs page.