Back to School Box
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Back to School Box


Lockdown has eased, kids are back at school, and some parents are back at work. As life gets busier, there’s at least one thing you don’t need to busy yourself with – food! Our new back to school box comes with a range of dishes popular with kids, so you know you don’t have to worry about what they’ll eat when they get back from school.

For just £65, you get:

  • Jollof rice x serves 6
  • Fried rice x serves 2
  • Fried chicken x 12
  • Fried plantain x serves 4
  • Meatballs with sweet ata dindin sauce x 20
  • Chin Chin x 450g

Our meals are delivered in individual BPA-free food pouches ready to go directly in the fridge or freezer, or simply heat and eat!

Allergens: Contains eggs. May contain traces of fish, shellfish, nuts, soyabean & seeds.


Product Description

What is BPA?
BPA is the main toxin concern when it comes to plastics, and is the main reason some health professionals advise people not to use plastic containers for their food. By going BPA-free, we have made our packaging safer than most plastic containers out there for food.

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