Feast For 30
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Feast for 30 – £11.99pp (save £60)


At just £11.99 per person (save £60), our feast for 30 box contains 7 dishes enough to feed at least 30 guests. Perfect for get-togethers like bridal showers, baby christening, house warming, birthday parties and more, this is the choice if you are after stress free entertaining. The box comes with:

– Jollof rice x serves 30
– Vegetarian Fried rice x serves 30
– Fried fish with peppers & onions x serves 30
– Stewed beef x serves 30
– Fried chicken x serves 30
– Fried plantain x serves 30
– Moin Moin x 15 wraps

Allergens: Contains fish, shellfish. Cooked in a kitchen that uses fish, shellfish, eggs, gluten, peanuts, soyabean, mustard, seeds and other nuts.  While we make every effort to prevent cross contamination in our kitchen, we cannot guarantee that any food item we make is FREE of any specific allergen.

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